Roof Cleaning

Tampa Pressure Washing is a professional cleaning company that offers a variety of services in Tampa, FL, and the surrounding areas. We are in this business since 2001 and are fully licensed and insured to provide roof cleaning services. We are able to remove debris and mildew from any Roof and further polish it that it remains in good condition for many years and have an increased lifespan. In case you would like to find out more about our roof cleaning techniques, keep on reading.

Cleaning using Pressure washing method can damage the roof and also cause more harm in the long run. That’s why the best cleaning method is to use a low-pressure chemical that is ideal for the roof surface. The chemicals are more effective than the pressure washing method, and also doesn’t cause damage to the roofs.

We have plenty of experience in cleaning multiple types of roofs including shingle, tiled etc. We know what chemical is best for a roof surface and how to make your dirty roof shine again. Call us today and we will provide you with FREE roof cleaning estimates. We are the local experts in the Tampa Bay area and can provide you with the service at your own convenient time.

Although we are a pressure washing company our expertise also lies in non-pressure roof cleaning. Our expert and trained roof cleaners know how to use the chemicals the right way and we will guarantee that there won’t be any damage caused to the roof or your landscape. Also, we prefer to use professional grade equipment which is best for roof cleaning and can deliver the results that our clients are paying for. We are a professional company and wouldn’t suggest using our roof cleaning service if the material of your roof cannot be cleaned by our processes because we value our clients and and our work.