Power Washing

We provide power washing cleaning services for the most demanding tasks. This involves using the proper commercial equipment to remove heavy dirt and stained areas. This type of cleaning must be done the proper way. Not all surfaces are meant to be performed using only high pressure cleaning equipment.

The best situations are for concrete that does not have any finish such as stained or painted concrete surfaces. Or, if you are looking to have a surface painted then you could also use high pressure cleaning to rid the surface of dirt and all other foreign substances to insure that the new paint coatings will adhere to the surface.

We advise against using high pressure cleaning for the following things because it could cause severe damage:

– Siding

– Wood like deck, patio, fence etc (too much pressure will tear up wood in a heartbeat)

– Windows (windows can actually shatter with too much pressure)

– Fixtures like light furnishings and other items

– Electric areas or outlets (you could short out the entire electrical system if not careful)

– Pool decks that have decorative coating, stain or paint

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